Men's Counselling

Greater numbers of men are seeking out counselling and help with positive strategies before chronic patterns of anxiety and depression develop.

Christopher has helped many men who were

  • Confused/dissatisfied with their current direction in life
  • Stressed by separation from family
  • Having trouble controlling their tempers at home
  • Experiencing parenting problems and struggling with  their children
  • Unhappy with their work/family balance
  • Experiencing death or illness in their lives
  • Going through mid-life crisis
  • Worried about a lack of connection with significant others
  • Confused about their place in society
  • Feeling an inner emptiness together with a struggle to maintain appearances.

Commonly men seeking assistance only need a handful of counselling sessions to see them move forward with greater confidence, clarity and purpose. Some men benefit from occasional follow-up sessions to keep improvements on track.  

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