Anxiety Counselling

Ongoing, high levels of anxiety can be very frightening. A person’s daily lifestyle can be severely affected. Yet anxiety is a common human reaction to life's stressful events, and it's common for many people, at some stage in their lives, to suffer excessive anxiety and bouts of intense panic.

Anxiety conditions include:

Generalised Anxiety: Persistent, excessive anxiety or worry, together with strong physical symptoms and feelings.

Panic Attacks: These involve a sudden intense and overwhelming sense of terror that occurs for no apparent reason. These often come with disturbing physical sensations and catastrophic thoughts (such as, that you are going insane, about to lose control or die). When panic attacks occur regularly the person is seen to be suffering from panic disorder.

Social Phobia: A persistent irrational fear of being under scrutiny when socialising.

Christopher can help people to understand their often frightening experiences of intense feelings and bodily reactions. He can teach effective cognitive and relaxation strategies so people regain greater control of their lives.

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